Greenhouse Project

The Greenhouse Project

The Greenhouse project aims to cause happenings in the form of production of artwork and critical writings. The artists, Annie O’Donnell, Emily Hesse and Phil Larry and the writers, Neil McNally, Clare Nattress and James Beighton, have been paired up and expected to work intensely in order to produce these outcomes within a five day period.

The idea behind taking the artist and writer out of their studio or regular work place, removes them from their comfort zone. Hopefully this, initially, rather uncomfortable situation has very quickly developed into a safe, yet new way of working. Both in the physical and mental capacity.

The work made during the project will be on show for one night only, 6pm on the 24th of July 2014, House of Blah Blah, Exchange Square, Middlesbrough. The accompanying publication is due out later this year.