All That Remains

All That Remains (2012) Local clay with impression of artists body, mother’s table, artists chair, mummified pheasent, noose, film.

“We would only sit at this table to eat the pheasant that my father had shot: I remember feeling so small at the big table eating this disgusting pheasant”.

All That Remains takes a childhood memory, sitting at the big table being forced to eat pheasant. Together with When I Was Tall (work no longer exists) it looks at ideas of individual smallness: how as children, much as we want to be BIG, we always also seem to crave moments of smallness, being able to hide away and be enveloped by our surroundings. The clay the has been piled onto the table and bears the impression of the artist’s body was dug locally at South Gare near Redcar.

Installation – Body print in clay on kitchen table, mummified pheasant, film.